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Hi I have windows vista installed on a new PC but at the moment ythere are no drivers for my globespan usb adsl modem I have the modem installed and working on an older computer using win2000 pro.. Ive just purchased a crossed network cable to connect them together and wanted to know if i can access the internet to update vista via the network connection .. I have no real experience of home networks but have so far granted access to the hardrive of the vista pc but seem to have problems seeing the c drive of the win2000 pro pc as it just shows me limited folders. The first question is can i coonect to the internet piggy backing of the other machine and if so does anybody have any tech threads to help me ..

Many thnx David
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  1. ICS using Windows 2000

    Check that link. The feature you are looking at is ICS (Internet Connection Sharing). It´s quite easy actually and your idea is sound and should work. If the link i posted doesn´t provide what you need or is too complicated do a google Search for "ICS Windows 2000" and you will find plenty of tutorials.

    Good Luck. :wink:
  2. i dont mean to sound annoying but really your better off getting a new adsl modem that output in ethernet they are much better and dont require drivers.
  3. Hi thnx for the links I didnt find drivers for the modem but did thnx to the info set up a lan to my old pc and registered my MS VISTA and upgraded it.

    Also finally played online with the new beast Ive just built :lol:

    Thermaltake kandalf watercooled Ali- SUPER CASE
    Enermax infiniti 720w 3-12v rails 28amp
    intel e6300 oc to 3.3 ...watercooled
    2GB OCZ 1150mhz watercooled ram
    8800GTS 640 home upgraded with an EK Waterblock
    Asus stricker extreme mb
    2 rapator 150gig Hd raid O

    Yes... Ive just got a wireless bb router (BT Voyager2500V) (ebay) to connect my 3 pcs together... Just unlocking it now with new firmware so all should be ok

    Thnx again

  4. good, that the best option.
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