Need help with a serious and bizzare problem

I will try to make it short and understandable.
My comp specs:
Main: Asus P4P800-X
CPU:Cel 2.8G
Memory:1024MB DDR
HDD: Maxtor 300G

Normally i find my comp running pretty well with everyday multi-tasking (simple tasks though) like internet browsing, DVD burning, installing, mp3 playing,messenger.. etc at the same time. CPU Usage never exceeds 60%.

At one point it becomes crappy all of a sudden. Every single task would take a ridiculous high amount of cpu usage. IE when i transfer 10GB of data it takes like 2 hours and in the meantime i cant do anything else not even playing mp3, the sound is distorted and discontinued, because the cpu usage is 100%. That obviously aint normal. Everything else runs extremely slow.

Installing a fresh copy of Windows will solve the problem but its really a pain to do so everytime. Lately i found a way to temporarily mend the promblem. Load my BIOS setup default. But sometimes it doesnt work and the problem comes back in a matter of weeks.

After months of suffering i noticed that this happens after a period of intensively use of p2p programs. I let bittorrent and emule run 2 days straight and the problem occurs again.

This really pisses me off having to reinstall Windows everytime. Thank you for taking your time reading this. Im clueless desperate and really need some help.
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  1. are you sure you don't have a virus or spyware?
  2. I dont think I have virus, spyware or anything. I tried many times with norton anti-virus and spyware doctor on with many fresh copies of windows but the problem still happens.

    Moreover it only happens with the main disk ( the 300G which i installed windows on) - like copying 2GB takes 15 minutes. The secondary disk (500G) works fine - 1GB transfer under 1 minutes.

    I just found one more lead. Today when i was ghosting my windows partition. I unplugged the LAn cable and well there it goes again. I think it might have something to do with the LAN NIC messing up with my mainboard but im not sure. Still looking for advices..
  3. I suspect you have a program interaction where one is competing with the other for processor cycles and you have a runaway condition. Troubleshooting is tedious. What you can do is when your system is running fine, before you install your p2p programs, take a restore snapshot of your system. Install one p2p program and take another snapshot. Run your system a while to see if it still works fine. If it works fine, install another program. Eventually you may find your system goes slowly again. At this point, restore to one point before you installed your last program and see if the problem goes away. If not, restore back yet again.

    Good luck in troubleshooting. Most folks would give up, wipe and start over. You have been that route, though, so it won't work for you in the long term. You have to get a handle on what programs you can trust to work together on your particular system.
  4. you said you noticed one issue after you ghosted a windows partition, do you always ghost the windows partition after a clean install or was that just for backup purposes?

    If so is it possible something happened when you are ghosting the partition which is causing this issue.

    Also regarding LAN have you checked you are using the most current drivers for that? is it integrated LAN or pci add on card? those could be things to test before you go to the really tough stuff of trying to identify the issue.
  5. Make sure the Firmware on ALL of your hardware is the latest.
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