I can't Be The Admin in My Own Computer...

Hi peolple i just can't be the admin in my own computer i have 2 user accounts mine and 1 for my young brother i never see this before but when i tried 2 enter in the task manager 2day this appears on the screen "Task Manager as been disabled By your Admin" i don't know what 2 do.

I don't speak english very well try 2 understand.

Stay well...
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  1. you most likely have a virus.

    clean your system with an upto date anti virus then use this

  2. Man thanx im the Admin now thanx 2 you...Stay cool...
  3. besure to check your system for viruses, if not body made this change then a virus did.

    good luck
  4. I'll check it out...Thanx a lot...
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