How do I copy a VHS tape onto my laptop (DELL 9400)?


I want to stream the output from my VHS Player (some old tapes) onto my laptop and convert them to avi files.

Is that possible?

What hardware do I need - is USB ok for that as I have a laptop.

My laptop has an ExpresCard port - would that be any use as I have seen on Amazon some ExpressCard stuff by Hauppage and AverMedia.

Also, would I use the SCART from my VHS Player into my laptop, or do I need to make it SCART (OUT on VHS player) to S-Video (IN on my laptop)

thanks for any help or advice.

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  1. Pinnacle Studio 10 (I have ver. 9) will work. Allows for video editing too.
  2. What hardware can I use for that with my DELL laptop please?


  3. Pinnacle Studio comes with the hardware. There is a usb edition which is more expensive and I have the PCI card edition. My Pinnacle Studio 9 works well on Windows XP. I have converted near 100 vhs tapes to DVD over the years. A dual core processor helps a lot.
  4. thanks, I will look at Pinnacle Studio 10

    does it include all the cables like SCART to USB or S-Video?


  5. You will need the RCA cables to connect your VCR/VHS recorder (sound and video)to the supplied USB connector. The Pinnacle video editing software is good compare to other software out there.
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