Outlook Express problem after XP upgrade

I upgraded from 98SE to XP and now I can't open my Outlook Express because I don't have the password. I never used a password on 98 so I have no idea what it might be. Is there any possible way to access Outlook without losing what i have saved on there?
Thanks much !
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  1. I think you are a victim of not doing your research. You didn't use the File & Settings Transfer Wizard, right?

    Check this group of fixes for a possible solution:


    Also read this article about the Wizard.

  2. I didn't use the transfer wizard since I didn't use a password on 98. I didn't think it would affect me opening Outlook in XP.
    I suppose I could uninstall XP to access Outlook, then reinstall XP again, or would my Outlook still not function?
  3. I think you may be right about the uninstall in order to access your old OE.

    Teach yourself how to do the merge first - Google Merging OE files. You'll come up with enough quality hits to solve it.

    98's OE & XP's OE are different versions, but their dbx and wab files can be merged. That way you won't have to access the 98's OE.
  4. Will take advantage of your advice pscowboy. Thanks for the links!
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