Can you reinstall xp over and over again?

Does anyone know if there is a limited amount of times you can reinstall windows XP home? I want to wipe my hardrive completly and start again using my old copy of xp home. Would i run into problems with the serial number as i would be using the same one again?
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  1. Yes you can reinstall as many times as you like. About every 5th time you may have to call microsoft to get an authorization number - but its painless and fairly quick. You can even install home/pro with sp2 (my orig xp disk has no service packs) and use your original cd-key for a better install.
  2. This time I would suggest making an image of the fresh install using Norton Ghost 2003 once drivers have been installed and the OS re activated. You can make a hardcopy or store this image on another partition/drive where you should also be keeping your office files, music, movies, downloaded internet program installers, etc. This way, the next time you want to reformat/reinstall the OS, all you have to do is tell Ghost to restore your system to the image you made. Takes only 5 minutes instead of 50, and no need to call MS.
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