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Hi All,

The question that I have for everyone is how do I update some of my users outlook address book when I'm not using an exchange server.
My e-mail accounts are hosted by another company and is accessed thru the web.
Is there a way to push updates to them when they log on and open outlook?

This way I don't have to keep going around and importing the address book into everyone address book that is using outlook for there e-mail accounts, which sometimes takes up half of my day.
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  1. the only ways i could think of that you could do this would be as follows, none of which I am sure will work for you but just thoughts I had:

    1. log on as the administrator for all emails and manually edit settings per user
    2. individually log on to each users account and manually edit settings

    both of these it looked as though you covered and are definitely time consuming, I am guessing your stuck between the choice of purchasing ms exchange server or continuing the way you have been. Thats for you or whoever pays the IT Bills to decide but as far as I know there is no other way to accomplish making changes to other users accounts without an exchange server.

    You could accomplish that from your own desk with a remote access tool as well whereby u could remote in to the other users pcs and make the changes while sitting at your own desk, that might improve your productivity a little bit but by no means is the best solution in my opinion.

    Perhaps someone else knows of a deployment tool for outlook but ive never heard of anything like that before. Sorry I cant be more help than this.
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