All I want to do is play a DVD, Please help! ARGH!

Ok, so I have been trying to play a DVD for the last hour and a half. VLC Media player plays the dvd, but only half of the audio is played (ie the sound effects of birds chirping, and a remote control car are played, but you can't hear anything anyone is saying.) If anyone knows how to fix that, then that would be great. Also if I try using Media Player Classic then it plays choppy/slowed down video and audio. I also tried AVS Media player, but that would start to load the video and stop at 3% and never get any farther. I'm not sure how that program works, but it seemed like it was trying to rip the dvd and then play it or something.


I just need a dvd player that works, Any ideas of ones i can download or ways I can fix my problems with my current players?
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  1. sounds like you don't have the right codecs to play it.

    uninstall any codec packs you have and try the klite codec pack and see if that helps.
  2. Thanks for the response! I tried installing the klite codec pack, now I am still getting choppy playback, but i also only have half of the audio, just like my VLC. ugh, anymore suggestions anyone?
  3. yes please drop it "Gspot" and see what kind of codecs it says it needs to play it.

    gspot comes with your mega codec pack start>klite codec pack>tools>gspot

    if it says you have all the codecs for it then in gspot file>play using associated player

    here see if it plays if for you correctly, if not then the file you have maybe corrupt or missing parts or chunks
  4. it is a DVD not a file. I'm not sure how to open a dvd with GSpot or if it is even possible. So I can't check what codec it requires and I can't try the Open with associated player option.
  5. direct the path of the dvd file in gspot to go to your dvd player, you are looking for the vob files
  6. Ok here is my problem now. I fixed the audio in VLC so now I can hear it. I just had to play the movie and then click Audio---> 2 front 2 back speakers. It was set to 5.1 Before that. Now after about 3-5 minutes of playing it comes up with a windows error report.

    Here is a picture of the error I'm getting

    Any help would be fantastic

    I heard something about reverting back to version 7 and that it might fix some problems. Anyone have any ideas of where i can get version 7 and try that?
  7. I don't have time to look at your pic and see what I can make out of it, but I will later, in the mean time which vlc version did you want?





  8. I am not sure i have 0.8.6a, I heard that reverting back to 7 can fix some problems... i guess the most update versino of 7?
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