C2D + P965 + Flashing bios help

earlier to day i posted the thread about HDD not being found after the PC is put to sleep inside vista. anywho i have been recommended to update my bios - sound fairly simple - but ive never done it before and dont know where to start.

here is what i have down.
found the exact make of mother board - foxconn P9657AA-8EKRS2H
so i went on tot heir website and tried to download the lastest bios wares and was unable to find anything


can you plaease help me and guide mr through the flashing processs as it is my first time

note: is this able to be done form a USB flash drive as it has no floppy disk

also heres a second thougth could it be down to the lack of 64bit driver - i am currently using vistas own but i have been unable to find them on the foxconn webites (shoddy hey)
Many Thanks
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  1. first you need the correct bios and you should research it

    you need to follow the directions from the mobo maker - typically you down load a zip file to the desk top, you rename the file (yourmobo).rom - exactly as your instructions tell you.

    you switch on the pc and go into the bios loading utility like hit alt+f2 or may even be in your bios.

    follow the instructions

    if you do not do it right your bios chip will be toast and maybe your mobo - you can not loose power or by by mobo
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