Instaling XP Pro SP2 on a SATA drive


I read in some guide that to install XP on a SATA drive it is required to have a floppy with some drivers.

Does this continue to be the case with XP Pro SP2 and the new motherboards?
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  1. The flavor of XP doesn't matter.

    You'll need drivers if you enable RAID.
  2. I will not use RAID. Does that mean I will not need any drivers on Floppy? Or using such drivers can enhance the performance of the hard drive?
  3. You won't need the drivers on a floppy.

    They won't enhance the performance of the hd.

    The nature of a driver is to allow communication between a piece of hardware (a RAID for example) and software - the XP O/S.
  4. You may still need the drivers to load XP. I have an Giga-byte M.B. Intel based with SATA. When I install XP Pro SP2 I will get a (no hard drive found) if I try to install windows just from the CD-rom alone. Gigabyte posts the driver on ther web site and its easy to do. Download the file, install on a floppy. When you first start the windows installation you will see at the bottom of the screen note to push F6 to load drivers. It will contuine to load for a moment then stop and ask for the driver disk to be inserted in A: pop in the floppy push enter, it will show the driver on the screen push enter again and it will load the driver and finish the install.
  5. Are you sure that's true even if you have only Standard IDE mode selected in the BIOS?
  6. Standard IDE mode = no problem (never actually seen a problem ever with standard IDE) refering to SATA 0 / 1 only. Also gigabyte fixed this problem on the second revision of the board. My intel board needs no driver to be installed during installation of windows (both are 875p chipset)
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