ATI has the first 65nm video cards

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  1. Doesn't matter unless it outperforms the competition.

    The FX5800 was 130nm instead of 150nm of the R9700 and that didn't help.

    So the fab makes little difference unless it's put to good use.
    It may be a smaller chip, which may be good for yields, but if it is plauged with issues then that kills the size advantages, and if it's a leaky design it may not even clock as high as nV's 80nm parts (rememebr the GF8600 does 800mhz on air without volt mods, and over 1Ghz with volt mods).

    And personally I doubt it's the core that will matter most, like the FX5800 I think this card will be hobbled by the choice of fast 128bit memory instead of more readily available memory on a 256bit interface.

    It needs to be about 20% faster than the GF8600 at the same price or less in order for it to matter in the current marketplace, because like the GF8600 it's launching into a crowded $100-200 card pool, and it could easily drown uless it rises above the others (pun intended and unforgiveable I know).
  2. Um, last I checked, you couldn't buy an R600 yet, so I wouldn't give them the honors yet, but I sure hope you are right.
  3. Well he didn't says sells, he said 'has' and that's pretty much a given as they were seen last month at CeBit, so they do get the honoursof having them first.
  4. not trying to be mean but if u been following the R600...saga for a lack of a better word >_>

    we've known that the the Midrange and Lowerange cards would be 65nm (since like..Feb.)..however there rumors are rampet about the HD2900 XT and XTX

    but it looks like 85% the 2900XT will be 80nm...and of course rumors that the XTX is the R650 (refresh of the R600) but i dout that 1...

    Whatever im getting 2 HD2900XT run it in Crossfire....hey for 800 for 2..and since rumors say the XTX will be in short supply u will have online places gouge..cough Newegg..i wouldn't be surprised if they went for 700+ if that rumor is true

    my bet however is that this thing that AMD is pulling i Tunisia is also going to be showing off the RD700 (the chipset) and Barcy and the Desktop least i hope so...AMD/ATI dosnt have a Chipset that supports 2 lanes of PCI-E 16x for crossfire...if u run crossfire they both run on 8x :\ (at least on 975X) and the bandwidth that that R600 is going to need...

    anyways just my idea.

    oh yea no 1 knows a true release date we will prob find out Monday :3
    Rumor is HD2900XT may 17th i believe

    and no im not an ATI Fanboy * least i admit it :P
  5. Intel had the Pentium D at 65nm months before AMD moved K8 to that process. Didn't necessarily make it better though.

    Sooo, Monday's the day we can run it eh? Good, I was planning on making one out of duct tape if I had to wait any longer.
  6. those are probably the OEM versions..the Retail is supposed to be around 9 inches

    yea the HD2900 is a beast of a size and power needed to run it...i hope it runs better then a 8800GTX :X
  7. Beercandy,

    You mean samples? So, all this time at work you had these cards, you knew they were around and they were running, and you make a thread because you are tired of waiting and say you are going another route since ATI has shown us nothing? Just doesn't make sense to me.

  8. Quote:
    AMD/ATI dosnt have a Chipset that supports 2 lanes of PCI-E 16x for crossfire...if u run crossfire they both run on 8x :\ (at least on 975X) and the bandwidth that that R600 is going to need...

    They do, there is one chipset that allows for 2 lanes of PCI-E 16x, it's just not for the Intel platform. To get full advantage of two R600s you need an AMD processor and a motherboard with the AMD 580X CrossFire chipset, just like me :wink:
  9. Not necessarily the cards, could be drivers. So new cards with old drivers might not help at all.
  10. uh yeah and when your dual core 6000 bottlenecks both cards in a few years im sure you'll be happy with that decision.
  11. Quote:
    AMD/ATI dosnt have a Chipset that supports 2 lanes of PCI-E 16x for crossfire...if u run crossfire they both run on 8x :\ (at least on 975X) and the bandwidth that that R600 is going to need...

    I doubt the R600 will use more bandwidth than 8x anyway.
  12. He wouldn't be able to upgrade cpu's in a year or so???

  13. Just buy an 8800GTS, that is what I am contemplating doing. I doubt it will be necessary because I am waiting until later this year to build a quad. I doubt we will see any reliable benches until right before or after the cards have been released. Until multiple sites are posting similar results I wouldn't believe these rogue sites. It seems that ATI might be doing a sweeping release where they drop the lower end cards close to the same time frame the higher one drop. That is strictly my opinion though. We will see whenever they actually hit the streets. I can wait though, since I am not planning a build until either Intel quads are a little lower priced, or AMD quads are out and affordable.

  14. ATI has waited so long to release, they had better have them all ready by June. I imagine that we will begin to see real benches in the next week or two, hopefully that NDA won't slow them down.
  15. My only suggestion is get it now if you need it. You should probably consider the GTX though. If you can afford to wait a few weeks, since we THINK we are on the verge of the R600 release, I would wait. The GTX's will still be there if ATI screws up AGAIN. But, either companies top end GPU would probably be excellent.

  16. Im sick of these ATI rumors!

    Everyday they SAY that ATI will release an amazing new card.. but they never do! Ive been waiting for 7 months and im sick of waiting! I will not forget this, ATI, and i will remmemer the next time around.
  17. my fingers are crossed for no more than 250 max wattage consumption
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