Driver conflict?

OK, this may be a long problem so let me try and get as much info out there as I can. This is a new comp I just put together.

Intel Quad core
ASUS striker motherboard
MSI Geforce 8800 GTX
Soundblaster X-fi gamer
Linksys G wireless Adapter
2 gig DDR2 800 Corsair RAM
WD raptor 150 gig (boot drive)
Seagate 750 gig

Intalled windows home full edition. Went perfectly.
Installed MSI drivers for Geforce 8800 GTX. Got a warning about windows logo testing.
Installed drivers for sound card. Went perfectly
Installed software for Linksys router. Went well, but I hated the software, so removed and just installed the driver, note this is AFTER my problem occured, so it seemed to make no difference.

Starting using the computer, everything seems fine and dandy.
Boom, blue screen of death flashes for a split second, computer resets. When it comes to the desktop lets me report the problem and tells me it was likely a driver conflict. I update my GTX 8800 drivers. Removed linksys software.
Happens again. Went back into BIOS, turned off onboard video and audio.
Trying to load Vanguard game, tells me it is missing file "d3dx9_31.dll". Told that it means I need to update direct X. I update direct X but still get the error.

Does this sound like I might need to uninstall all my display adapters and not use any from MSI? Anyone had a similar problem recently?

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. The state-of-the-art mind blowing GPU card of today - even gets male gamers wet.

    Try this.

    Start over. Kill the partition with fdisk from a W98 (or ME) boot floppy at the "A" prompt. Pop in the cd for a fresh install. Don't install any drivers until all the updates & patches are done - GO OUT TO WINDOWS UPDATE THREE TIMES TO MAKE SURE. The last time out there, look at the non-critical software section and get DirectX 9.0c.

    BTW, Be sure to get Vista with this rig, which will have DirectX 10.

    When that's all done, start loading your drivers - video first. Check the MSI documentation carefully. I would even go to their site to read the faqs. Some graphics drivers require some gymnastics to get them right. You may have to install the originals off their cd first, and then follow up with the latest version. (I've seen many that make me change to "Standard VGA" first.) (And one where I needed to do "Driver Cleaner" after that.)

    Good luck and sweet gaming!
  2. No floppy drive, nor do I or anyone I know posses win 98 disks.

    I didn't update all of windows first, perhaps that was a problem

    I installed the video drivers first.

    I will take your advice on reading their FAQ, because their directions are terrible. By terrible I mean their hardware instructions were "place card into AGP/PCI slot". And software was "insert CD, click install drivers", when there were many other options and drivers elsewhere on the CD.

    Generic instructions for the lose.

    Thanks for the help though, and yes, sweet gaming. 11741 on 3D mark, and thats all out of box, no overclocking.
  3. You can set up a bootable cd in Nero using DR-Dos & its' fdisk.

    Create a "New" folder on your "C" drive, and name it drdos.

    Go to this site:

    Scroll down until you find v703drdos Beta - click on that. You will find yourself at an ftp download site of all the drdos utilities.

    You can download them all to the new drdos folder, but you only need debug.exe;; &

    Download by right-clicking each one - choose "Save Target As" - and direct the download to the drdos folder.

    Next, go to Program Files\Ahead\Nero and locate Dosbootimage.ima and copy and paste it to the drdos folder.

    Fire up Nero - choose Nero Burning Rom. Should get New Compilation. On the left side, scroll down to CD-ROM (Boot) and highlight it.

    Over on the right side, click the radio button for Image File & browse to the drdos folder to locate it so that it shows in the address space.

    On the bottom half, under Enable Expert Settings, make sure the four categories are: Floppy Emulation 1.44; Nero Boot Loader v6.0; 07c0; 1.

    Go up to the Burn tab and make sure that Write and Finalize cd are checked. Change the Write Speed to half of what your burner is capable of, then click New at the upper right corner.

    On the right side, third pane over, locate the drdos folder and click it so that all of its' files show up in the fourth pane. Drag and drop them all to the second pane. Locate the grayish cd disc with the flame on it near the top under the word Window. Click this to return to the Burn page; insert a blank cd-r disc into your burner; change Copies to two; then click burn. Quickly check off Verify Written Data at the bottom left.

    OK the Data Verify success (second copy should start) - click Done (bottom left) - Exit out whereupon Nero will ask you to save this. I would, and call it drdos; for you to have in the future. Then back to your desktop.

    You now have a bootable cd with which you can invoke debug or fdisk. You will find it on the "D" drive after the cd boots up.
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