good 1000 watt psu for Thermaltake armor VA8000B series

I am trying to find a good 1000 watt psu that fits in a thermaltake armor va8000B series tower. I have an Ultra X3 and I have taken the whole case apart, it doesnt fit. Any suggestions or recommendations?
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  1. well I already know I need it, the problem is that the psu won't fit into a Thermaltake Armor case, which is ridiculous. I am going to have to either find a different power supply or get a different case to house that big of a psu.

    Its not necessarily the length thats the problem, I cant get the damn thing past the wiring on the top for the topside firewire, usb module that the case has. Then the area even if I was to get past the wires isn't wide enough.
    I am hoping someone with a thermaltake armor and a 1kw psu can offer some advice or give me a specific brand that might fit better.
  2. Extreme Calculator was what I used.

    I will be hopefully using this Thermaltake Armor VA8003BWS to house the following.

    Nvidia 8800GTS 320mb SLi

    OCZ Flex XLC 2GB (2 x 1GB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 1150 (PC2 9200) (4 gigs)

    ASUS p5N32 e SLI mobo

    Intel Core 2 quad Q6600 OC'ed to 3ghz

    Two western Digital 250mb 7200 rpm HD running in raid

    (for now) one DVD RW

    Soundblaster Audigy 4 (for now)

    Ageia PhysX card 128mb

    250mm fan, a bunch of 90mm, and 120mm, whatever came with the case.

    LED's 2 UV

    USB external HD, USB headset, USB blutooth charger, etc
  3. are the 900 watt psu's huge like the 1kw? I would like to have a bit more then I need. its a security thing.
  4. Quote:

    Nvidia 8800GTS 320mb SLi

    Any particular reason you want to SLi two GTS-320's instead of getting a GTX? A single GTX has plenty of power but has the upgrade path to SLI'd GTX's open. But anyway the GTS's draw a lot less power than the GTX. If nVidia recommends 750 Watt PSUs for SLI'd GTX's you'll be fine with a 750 or 850 with the GTS's, even with an OC's Q6600. Even then you'll only get the CPU power up slightly above what the AMD 6000+ draws.
  5. remember, having you PSU at 75-85% load constant is recommended as it is at it's optimal efficiency there. Have you looked close to home (near thermaltake?), i heard their higher-end PSUs are quite good, i have the 850W but i heard even in comparison to that they are really good.
  6. well like I said, I am having a problem getting the 1kw psu in the case, which I thought was bizarre considering its an armor...

    Senor bob I use the 320mb sli cards because on all the benchmarks, I think the ones I saw on toms hardware included, on most tests there was less then a 5% difference. for 300 or 400 dollars, thats not really worth it to me.
  7. Quote:
    The diffrence in the 320 and the 640 is only the amount of vRAM. If you play in higher resolutions you want more vRAM so it can better support those resolutions providing better textures. If you don't excede more then 1280x 1024 then it's not a concern. If you don't exceed that resolution then you don't need to run SLI. A single GTS or GTX will be more then enough.

  8. actually I game at 1280 x 1024. I would game higher if the moniter I had supported it, but even at resolutions like 1600 x 1200 there isnt a big enough increase between the two cards to make me want to shell out 300 or 400 more dollars.
  9. and for the record, a lot of ppl are using the gts 320mb sli to game with. go take a look at the gamespot forums or IGN.
  10. ok. well thats what I did, I SLi'ed them. For crysis, for Hellgate London. Thats not even what this thread is about. So I have no practical knowledge, sorry to rain on your parade. I will make sure you okay all my financial decisions from now on.
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