New Build, should I buy XP w/Vista coupon or just buy Vista


I am a newbie in building a PC from sctratch (see my specs below)!

I will be going with Windows Vista Ultimate or Home Premium. Should I buy one of the following from Newegg or buy the Vista upgrade (I have a full version of Windows 2000 retail):
Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 SP2b w/Upgrade Coupon for Vista - OEM $109.99

Microsoft Windows XP Pro SP2b 1pk w/Upgrade Coupon for Vista - OEM $139.99

I am not sure how much the Vista upgrades will cost? Any advice would be helpful?


Antec Nine Hundred case w/ Ultra XVS Modular 500W ATX Power Supply, Asus P5B-E Motherboard, Intel 2 Dual Core 2 6300 processor, PNY 8800GTS, WD 160 GB SATA Hard Drive (8GB & 150MB/sec DTR), and a whopping 256 MB of PNY DDR2 memory (I will be upgrading to a 2 GB Micron D9GMH or D9GKX kit this week if I can find a good deal). I may also pick up a WD Raptor 150 GB Hard drive ($180.00 after a $70.00 rebate at Micro Center) and use my current drive for storage.
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  1. go w/ xp and get the coupon.
    wait till SP1 comes out for Vista, before upgrading.
  2. Quote:
    go w/ xp and get the coupon.
    wait till SP1 comes out for Vista, before upgrading.

    Sorry but that is not good advice. Read the original post.

    The user already has Win 2000. He's considering buying either Win MCE, XP or Vista (Ultimate or HP).

    Once he's upgraded his RAM, he will have a very decent Vista ready PC, and also ready for DX10.

    To the OP, it depends on what you want to run, and if you'll be upgrading again in the near future (2007). If you don't want to upgrade again this year, there's no harm in going for one of the Vista versions you mention.

    Depending on what you plan to use your PC for, there's also no good reason to consider Win MCE unless you are building an HT capable PC, and Vista Ultimate will do all that for you anyway (Home Premium will pretty much do it all too).

    An OEM versino of Vista is cheaper than the upgrade version - tbh it's a no-brainer if you're going to take Vista at some point in 2007.
  3. Hello again,

    I was looking into OEM XP /w the coupon for Vista further and found that purchasing either of the following will only get you "Home Premium":

    XP Pro w/Upgrade Coupon for Vista

    XP Media Center Edition w/Upgrade Coupon for Vista

    It looks as though if I want Vista Ultimate (which I will probably need in order to be proficient with it in case I have to support it in my future job - laid off now after 6 years as an analyst in IT Support) it will have to purchased retail, the upgrade version list price is $259.00. Do you think there will be any sales on this version?

  4. Vista Ultimate 32 bit is just abuot outselling Home Premium in the UK on pre-orders at present - both OEM.
  5. 8) Vista is fun, yet there is real lack of drivers, especially mainboard drivers. Even some very recent mainboards, like r580, just don't have much for vista, certainly not on disc from factory. Buy both for that reason, however, with vista so close to retail release, it may be best to wait till early February.

    Remember if you buy Vista & install it on what turns out to be not fully supported machine, your still stuck with Vista on that machine, you can't just use microsoft software from one machine to next easily, in some cases.

    I found Vista Ultimate 32 bit pretty good, yet pictures lasts few weeks, then bonks out, much like XP. Found 64 bit not too good.

    In general Vista will increase nightmare of computing quite bit, yet aero glass is great. Remember, it is single thread o/s, so multi core makes little improvement. In two years microsoft offers multi core o/s before vienna(bLACKCOMB).

    Don't overlook LINUX, at least you can hack with it as much as you like on any machine(s) you want. Problems of Vista are same basicly thru out microsofts history, no real improvement in all those buttons that don't function or function just few times & quite, it is still poorly written software. Be warned, you could spend lots, install on poor platforms & get no aero glass & no back out to compatible system with that expense. Just being aero glass ready does not guarentee good functionality of Vista on your system. Some systems as old as 2001 will play aero glass, even on 2 ghz celeron. So it might be wise to wait & see,before you waste thousands & find it worse than where you started from.

  6. In reality, I supose the only reasons I will be going with Vista is for Direct X 10 gaming and the fact that I will need to know this OS for work purposes.

    Should I install the 64 or 32 bit version? Based on problems with exsisting programs, I plan to only have the operating system and games installed on this computer. I may upgrade Office 2000 to Office 2007 (since I will want to know this application as well for work).

  7. You can buy the 32 bit version now, and upgrade online to the 64 bit version at a later date, and at a cost too.
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