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Ok, so I am getting frustrated. Is it possible to convert my ripped DVD's that are in multiple .VOB files to a single file such as Divx? I have been playing around for a while now and just cant seem to get it down.
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  1. you can shrink the dvd files themselves instead of converting

    dvd shrink
  2. What about Imtoo DVD Ripper Platinum?
    I think it would help you!
    You can get more informations from here : http://www.imtoo.com/dvd-ripper-platinum.html
  3. there are much better products then that, perhaps thats why.
  4. Well, I am a user(Imtoo Ripper Platimun), Because it is useful for me, I recommend it
    I have never use other product, so it is my personal opinion
    What your partial?
  5. "anydvd" and "dvd shrink" is all you need

    Flash DVD Ripper has awfull reviews
  6. problem is you can never keep the quality when you encode to a different format, so I'm not interested in encoding to a different format I just want my dvd with all its quality to fit ;)
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