Which card for a 22" widescreen?

I'm building a new computer:
MSI P6N Platinum
2 gig DDR2 Ram
Corsair 620w

I'm getting a Samsung 226bw 22" widescreen, any minimum rated card I should have to drive this size monitor?

I'm not a gamer, just day to day use.

Any input is appreciated.

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  1. if you don't play any games at all. you can buy just a very cheap card. i would say go fro 8500gt card it's under 100 dollars or or 7300gt which would be lot cheaper
  2. I'd try the 8500GT as it should be decent for gaming if you ever would want to, and it's Direct X10 based so it'll support all of the goodies you could want from Vista now, and in the possible future.
  3. I 3rd the 8500GT!


  4. From everything I've read so far, I'd say the 8600GTS. Best good performance for the not too much.
  5. Thanks for your time guys.
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