Will this Power Supply be enough to power This?

I buying some new parts for my PC and will need a PSU, I was thinking of buying this one (im kinda on a budget):


Now, everything the PC will have:

Case: Antec900 with 5 120mm led fans and 1 200mm fan.

cpu: amd X2 4800 with retail heatsink/fan

mobo: EVGA 122-M2-NF59-TR Socket AM2 NVIDIA nForce 590 SLI MCP ATX

ram: 2GB (1gb x2) DDR2 800

Video Card: 8800gts 320mb

Pci card: sb audigy 2zs

hd: 250gb stata western digital

Drives: 2x DVD+-RW drives

I might add a second HD in the future, but I doubt I will ever go with SLI, will just keep it to 1 card at a time.

Will the PSU i posted be able to handle that load?
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  1. what about this 2 thermaltakes?

    This one someone recommended to me:


    and this one looke affordable:


    this reails things on the psu still confuse me :(
  2. ok, so the wattage is not as important as the SUMS of the +12V.
    Because eventhough those 2 you posted only have 430w they still have enough juice to power it?
    just want to make sure, cause this psu stuff confuses me alot, lol.
  3. The Xclio good power 500w will work fine. SLI zone lists this as a recommended unit under "all other SLI configurations" meaning it can handle a 7900gt SLI without an issue. Let's compare...

    The Truth About Graphics Power Requirements V2, mark84@atomicmpc"]
    7900 GT SLI______}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}|' 143W
    8800 GTX ________}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}} 132W ² (768MB)
    8800 GTS OC_____}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}' 117W ² (640MB 576/1350)
    8800 GTS ________}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}| 106W ² (640MB)
    8800 GTS ________}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}|' 103W ² (320MB)

    I would trust it - I have used it in budget game builds, but after this comparison I may recommend this for budget 8800gts builds as well.
  4. 30 Amps? Well based on the PSU101 thread, you need to do W/V=A right? Well the COOLMAX CP-500T EPS12V 500W Power Supply 115/230 V UL, CSA, TUV
    has dual 12 rails at 16 and 18. The max Watts on the 12 rails is 400, so we take that and divide by 12. You get ~33.33 A. Would this PSU (half the price of $120, so its pretty good for budget) be enough? (it even has Actice PFC) I myself have this PSU on my current system (AMD x2 4200 and 7900gt) and Im planning on upgrading to a c2d 6600 and 8800gts 320.
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