Can I use an IDE hard drive w/ ATA mobo?

For example, this motherboard:

It has both ATA and 1 IDE connection, but can I plug in both an IDE hard drive and an IDE DVD drive on the same cable?
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  1. Just for clarification, the board has SATA and IDE (a.k.a PATA). Simply saying "ATA" many people will probably assume IDE.

    Yes, you can connect a HDD and a DVD drive on the same IDE port. I am not 100% positive, but the HDD will not be as fast as if it were on it's own IDE channel or paired up with another HDD. In other words, the DVD drive can slow it down.

    Another point that I am not 100% positive is if you have a HDD and DVD burner on the same IDE port, then you may have slightly increased chances of getting bad burns. Not to say that all your burns will be bad, but you may have more "coasters" compared to someone who has them on seperate IDE ports.

    You should ask this question in the General Storage section since people there will have a higher chance at giving you more accurate info:
  2. Thanks. That is helpful.

    I haven't built a computer for about 4 years, heh but now that SATA mobos are more prevalent, I was wondering about this. I have some old IDE hard drives but wasn't sure if they would work with SATA mobos, or if I would HAVE to purchase a new SATA HD.
  3. I have a harddrive and DVD on the same IDE channel (old rig) and it works the drive has mp3 on it and it works wouldn't use it for say my OS. As for bad burns. I do get but it could be the blank cdr's same 100 pack and havent tryed others (I get 4 out 5 good burns) Plays movies games cds software no proplems
  4. Sorry forgot to add this. There are Controller Cards (there about $20 to $35 USD) that use you pci bus if you don't want to do a HD and DVD on the same channel. just a cheap way of going about it.
  5. It will work but it is not recommended. Since the HD probably is ATA100 and if I remember correctly DVD are only ATA33. When 2 things are connected to the same controller the lower speed is the one that counts so your HD will work on ATA33 (or 66 I realy can't seem to remember :oops: ) - this is lower your HD performance but won't affect your DVD!

    If you are buying that board (and keeping the HD and DVD) I would suggest you buy a PCI controller that will add you another PATA controller or you could try IDE (PATA) to SATA Adapter though I don't have experience with them (but I can't see a problem with them)

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