DVD Burning Problems

I have recently gotten a DVD Dual format and Dual Layer drive. I have been able to burn a DVD movie and a data disk, but since then I have not been able to do any more movies.

Im using the Sony DVD RW DW-G120A
Firmware is MYR5
Driver is 5.1.2535.0 from Microsoft (windows xp pro drivers)
Using Nero Vision 4.50.24

It will transcode the movie and then go to burn but then it will tell me there isnt enough room on the media. Im using Memorex DVD rated for 16X speeds.

I have tried using the default settings which auto sizes the video for the media size and it fails (the size meter says is just fits). I have tried using the "standard play" setting, which drops the size down to 300 megs less then the total DVD size and still nothing. I have pulled DVDs from the middle of the spindle stack and nothing.

What could be some causes of this? I havent changed any settings since I made the data DVD, but I have rebooted several times in an effort to try and get it to work.

My system specs are:
AMD XP 2700+ (ya old I know)
1.25Gig Ram
120Gig 7200RPM HD (20.1 Gigs free)

I wouldnt mind it as much except for the fact that it take 80-120 mins to transcode the movie and if it fails the burn, I basicly have to start over if I change a setting.

Any help or suggestions?
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  1. have you tried encoding with TMPGEnc then burning it with nero?
  2. Quote:
    have you tried encoding with TMPGEnc then burning it with nero?

    No but it doesent make sence that it would work with 1 DVD movie and then fail on another, esp when the DVD is only taking up like 4.1 gigs.

    Here are some screen shots I took of the process. Maybe you can see something:

    This is 1st screen with the default settings. Note the size, but the default is "fit to disk".

    This is the screen before you start transcoding, still with default settings. Note the quality is set to automatic which makes the size 4.37Gigs out of 4.38Gigs.

    This is the same screen but I changed the quality setting to standard play, which changes the size to 4.10gigs out of 4.38gigs.

    Both Quality and Standard Play settings fail when it goes to burn. I could try and code it for like 1/2 the size of the DVD, at least then I know I would have a more serious issue and not something as simple as a codec problem.

    If possible I would perfer to use Nero. The whole point of getting Nero is so I dont have to have 15 other programs to make 1 DVD. I just dont understand which it would work twice and then fail.
  3. well to begin with, nero does not do a good job of burning, secondly TMPGEnc encodes much better and the end product should fit on one dvd.

    personally I'm no nero expert but have you enabled overburn in the options?
  4. Couple/three things.

    1. There have been disc reading problems with this model if it's not suffixed B2 (or BB) after the A.

    2. There is an MYS4 available:


    I would look into the above two, and uninstall - reboot - And re-install Nero 7. I'm assuming you're using the Vision 4 inside of that?

    3. I would definitely NOT USE Memorex discs. Outsourced from Ritek of their lowest quality. Go with Japanese made only - Taiyo Yuden being best.
  5. 1) The box says DRU-120C, but it installs as the above drive. I cant find a DRU-120C on Sonys website anywhere.

    2) The firmware installed is MYR5, wouldnt MYS4 be an older version. Is MYS the same as MYR?

    Correct on the Nero 7 package.

    3) Well I know not to get generic "house brand", but I didnt know that Memorex were low grade "name brand".

    I did a test burn using Neros Info, and it didnt have any issues. So right now im encoding the movie at 3Gigs and saving it to the hard drive and ill see how far off the estimated mark nero is when its done. Maybe there is some overhead I dont understand as of yet.
  6. Your not finding it on Sony's site because that drive is manu'ed for OEM use only - Sony does not support it.

    Try the firmware - if it's not compatible, it won't install. I offered it because "s" comes after "r". Who knows if I'm logically correct?

    I don't know if Ritek sells stuff under its' name. They are a Chinese manufacturer I've learned to stay away from since W98 days when I produced dozens of coasters using their product. Nero has a diagnostic that tells you the maker. A lot of my friends produced coasters with their stuff as well.

    Japanese made Taiyo Yuden & TDK for me. I pay extra.

    DRU-120A is on this site. Perhaps the manual may help you.

  7. Well, I think I found part of the issue.

    I transcoded is in long play, which was estimated to be 3 gigs but saved it to my harddrive into the video_TS directory. The end result is 4.26Gigs.

    So I guess I know why the damn thing is trying to tell me that there isnt enough room. For some reason there seems to be like a 1 Gig overhead on this transcode for some reason.

    I guess ill have to use another encoder if that is going to be the issue.

    Thanks for your help, if you have any suggestions, drop me a line.
  8. yes I did tell you what to do, use TMPGEnc to encode it then burn it with nero, if you want a good dvd then you would do it that way.
  9. Well I DLed TMPGEnc and tried it with the same file. It wanted to encode it into 5.8Gigs. So now I know why I was having such a big issue.

    I checked with another movie I had and it was about the same length (90 mins) and it would only code it to 3.5Gigs.

    So I guess there is something with that specific file that is just really wierd.
  10. Hello:I am new to this forum and your format and buzzwords so I'm just jumping in here and i'll see what happens. Bare with me.

    I googled dvd burning problems + nero and found this forum. I am at wits end trying to get a burned dvd.
    I am collecting Tivo recorded programs and sending them to my computer. This works well. I edit the tivo with "VideoRedo Plus". It's a neat editor and I paid for it.
    Using Nero express I try to burn but run into failures. It worked a couple of times after I re installed nero.
    Now I cant get anthing except "burn failed". It fails during transcoding.
    I go nuts trying to read the failure log. Does anyone have an error message translator? My current problem is...."dvd engine VOBS Verify error 0015" which happened three times in a 5 minute span. Then "Source builder failed to build C:\ProgramFiles\Ahead\nerovision\video\black.avi video/0".

    Has anyone seen somthing like this?
    Hoping to meet you all,
  11. as I said before you burn a dvd you need to convert your tivo files to dvd format, nero does not do a good job of encoding.

    first encode to dvd http://www.videohelp.com/tmpgencdvd.htm

    then burn with nero
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