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I'm going to be buying a new computer in the next few days. Something along the lines of CD2 E6600, GF8800gts. I need more deskspace and was considering getting a desktop case and placing my monitor ontop (moving a tower case beside or underneath the desk isn't an option).

The Cooler Master Cavalier 2 Desktop looks nice. I guess I'm wondering if everything will fit ok inside and keep cool enough? I'll also have 2 HDD's inside and a DVD player.

Good, bad idea? Please let me know what you think. Meanwhile I'm going to see if I can handle having my monitor 6inches higher :)
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  1. Not sure a full sized video card will fit, and the PSU is way too weak to run an 8800.
  2. I would be upgrading the PSU if I went ahead. But yeah I'm worried about the 8800 fitting.
  3. it is not a atx PSU
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