Intel DG965OT over heating

Ok so I got a new setup, Microfly case with the 400watt PS, an Intel DG965OT, a Intel Pentium D 940 3.2Ghz DT 800FSB Socket 775 using Ultra X-Wind Copper Fan 2200rpm 775 up to 3.8ghz. I tried adjusting the fan settings in BIOS but if it's anything other than "normal" then the fans run too low and I get complaints from the Intel(R) Desktop Utilities that the processor is running at 158 F or higer. So I put everything on normal the processor idles around 124-126 F but if I'm playing Quake 4 then I get random pop up from Intel(R) Desktop Utilities about the processor running at 158 F or higher again. Updating BIOS didn't help, I used Antec Formula 5 Silver Thermal Compound for the X-Wind instead of the thermal grease it came with. I can see that the board will idle down the fans that are hooked into the board to a idling then it will only really start running the fans closer to their max speed while a high load starts which of course doesn't help at that point. My old Intel D925XECV2 with a P4 3.0Ghz only idles at 120 F and max it will hit while doing anything is 133 F using the stock heatsink. I can't see any reason why this newer one is running so bad. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks.
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  1. What heatsink are you using?

    If a standard Stock Intel heatsink check to make sure the heatsink is properly seated. Only way to do this is to pull the whole motherboard out of the chassis. Make sure that the black inner pegs can be seen from the backside of the motherboard. Also make sure by looking on edge that the heatsink looks like it is level.
  2. I am using a Ultra X-Wind Copper Fan 2200rpm 775 up to 3.8ghz. I have been building PC's for over 10 years. I just can't find anyone that has this board or knows about the problems. The only end user reviews I find never seem to have the same problem but they are all using Core 2 Duo and I opt'd for a Pentium D to try to keep cost down.
  3. I just read 100+ reviews on this CPU over at newegg, it seems hit and miss, some people say they run at my temps and other run in the high teens to the low 30's. Of course we are talking different board/heatsink combos. The X-Wind doesn't come with that gray sticker compound just some plain thermal grease so I used the Artic 5 Silver, one guy claimed he dropped his temp by 10 by putting on a lot of Artic 5 Silver but more than likey he didn't mount his heatsink correctly. I'm going to by pass Intel's onboard fan connectors as it's bull that my heatsink is idling right now at 862RPM but my temp is in the low 140 F.
  4. The Intel Stoughton DG965OT motherboard is using iQST (Quiet System Technology) This means that the bios is minimizing the fan speed to make your system as quiet as possible. The higher running temperatures you are seeing our what Intel expects a system to run at and not hit any thermal throttling temperature setpoints.

    I have heard that Intel is planning to add additional features to the Bios for iQST to allow more modifications to fan speed control. At this point I don't have any time table on when they are going to release this in a new Bios. It might not even go into the Broadwater (965) chipset boards but only get implimented for the new Bearlake (G35, Q35, P35 and G33) based motherboards.
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