Drivers for HP 7 in 1 mem reader

Tried HP website and can't seemd to find the drivers to setup
this Hewlett Packard 5069-6272 3.5-inch 7-in-1 card Reader.

Does anyone else have a source? HP P/N: 5069-6272 !

thanks chris
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  1. ok this is being connected to a gigabyte GA-965P-S3 mobo.

    on the motherboard there a 3 sets of "F" (for FRONT?) usb coonections which are dual pin rows where I've got my two front case mounted USB ports and this 7-in1 mem reader.

    They are labeled F_usb1/F_usb2/F_usb3 !

    Neither of the two front usb ports nor the 7in1 is being recognised.

    in the pdf manual it shows that one row of the dual pins for each of the USB port connections is . . . pins 2,4,6,8, 5v ~ Dy- ~ Dy+ ~ GND, and the other is pins 1,3,5,7, 5v ~ DX- ~ DY+ ~ GND !

    i'm using the 2,4,6,8 pin configuration with the DY - and + !

    should I be using the other?
  2. will do but why the two sets of pins?

    Dy minus and plus and DX minus and plus?

  3. I undersatnd the data and supply voltage but there are TWO sets of Data pins for each front usb port!

    one set had the Vcc and gnd with "DX" minus and "DX" plus and a whole nuther row of pins right along side for EACH of the USB ports has Vcc and Gnd with "DY" minus and "DY" plus!

    right now I'm connected to "DY" !

    I guess it's a simple thing to do to just try the other set bur before I did so I would have liked to have a little more input on my choice.

    I'll try the other two and get back to you!

  4. to switch sides, one side is DX and the other is DY !

    to switch ends would reverse polarity 5vcc is at one end (8 or 7)and gnd is the other(1 or 2) . are you saying reverse polarity?
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