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In my flat currently we access the internet through Software NAT on Windows XP pro. A USB ADSL modem @ my pc and the connection shared with 2 other pc's through a 4 port 10/100 switch.

The many downsides of this include the need for my pc to be on whenever anyone wants to access the internet. Also there are the wires trailing all over the place to consider.

I am hoping to upgrade to some kind of router solution, preferably wireless and have a couple of questions about the possible solutions and any downfalls from the various options that I may not have thought about. Also if anyone has any suggestions please feel free!

1) The easiest "wireless" solution would be to get a Wireless 54g router with built in adsl modem. The only one I can find like this here in the UK is Belkin Wireless 11g (54Mbp) ADSL Modem+Router F5D7630UK4A @ £123. I have seen some mixed reviews on this product, does anyone have any experience?

2) A wired ADSL Router with built in ADSL Modem, I have seen these very cheap @ around £40 for a 4 port ORIGO one. Down the road this would presumably give me the option to add a wireless access point on the WAN port ( e.g. Buffalo 54g access point) In terms of functionality are there any disadvantages to this solution?

3) Any other way I think involves getting an external ethernet ADSL modem and routing it through some form of router or wireless router. Any thoughts on this?

I use my pc for playing counter-strike and hopefully in the future HL2 over the internet and want to make sure whatever route I go down will allow me to do everything I can currently do.

thanks . . .
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  1. Why does your machine have to be on for the others to access the Internet, be more specific in how you're setup.

    A USB ADSL modem @ my pc and the connection shared with 2 other pc's through a 4 port 10/100 switch.

    Is your DSL modem an external modem?
    Is your DSL modem actually a single channel dedicated router, check the bottom label to see if its a router or modem.
    Does the Modem only have a USB jack or also an ethernet jack?

    This is how you should be setup with what you've described if its an external ADSL modem.

    Phoneline To Modem To Switch To Computers

    Is this your setup?

    Answering these questions will aid in helping you to make the right decisions.

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  2. currently the set-up is USB ADSL modem to my PC then the connection is shared via the switch through Windows XP ICS.
  3. Well thats why I was asking the questions you can change your setup and solve your problems, if your ADSL modem is actually a dedicated router,(should be labeled somewhere on it as to actually what it is), then all you need to do, is change the current setup to: Phoneline to Modem( if modem is actually a router) to Switch to All the computers, under those circumstances all you'll need to buy is the cables to hook it all up going Ethernet instead of USB, Ethernet is much more efficient than USB, and more trouble free than USB also. Make sure the main computer is configured properly to access the modem, and the rest of the connections will automatically be controlled by the switch, and your computer doesn't have to be on for them to access the net.

    If the ADSL modem is actually a full modem then you will need a router with a built in switch to take the place of the existing switch, going by the new setup I'm telling you about, then you'll use your main computer to configure the router and after the router is configured, everyone has access without your computer running. But the other computers will be hooked straight to the router, not your computer.

    IE; Phoneline to Modem to Router to All Computers Individually.

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  4. Well, What Happened??? Whered you go?? :cool:

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