internet wan spiking up and down when doing tests

Ok, I started using a bittorrent called utorrent. It was working fine a the biggining but then everything slowed down. Then all the trackers went down. Eventually I lost all my seeds and I just have a few peers.

I ran a speed test when I first started downloading I got 1150k/s for downloading and half of that for uploading. Now I did a speed test and I got 150 k/s for downloading, and one close for uploading. It then said my ISP is slowing down my uploading or something to that extent. Confused :?

Before I ran those speed tests I started trying to set up a forward port. I followed the steps on portforward and eventually set it up on by routers setup page. The reason I did this is because the port tester on utorrent said it's not open. Well now it's still not open. Everything on Utorrent is going slow and close to a halt. Is it something I did? Help!!!! :(
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  1. Your ISP is most likely aware of what you're doing and cutting your bandwidth down automatically.

    A lot of ISPs don't like the amount of traffic caused by torrents. You'd have to call them and see what the deal is.
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