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I recently installed some software on my girlfriends computer that gave her a serious amount of pop ups, and disabled her right click within windows explorer. Turns out the software didnt work anyway, but the issues are still there. She did not have her system restore turned on, so we could not back track.

Does anyone know how to fix this. I would prefer a free solution. As well, she is in Atlanta, while I am in Jersey, so fresh install of XP is an absolute last resort.
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  1. can I ask what app?

    sounds like you installed badware.

    have her check her pc for viruses with an upto date anti virus or an online anti virus scan, and sweep for spyware then if everything is ok you can do an xp repair ;)
  2. XP repair using the XP disk? Sounds good to me.

    It was Photoshop that I got from a BitTorrent site. We installed several anti-virus solutions. They helped with the popups, but they are still there.

    The right click function remains dead. We are currently running the 90day trial of Windows Live Onecare. Im trying to keep cost down. :D

    Any other suggestions on anti-virus software?
  3. honestly you can find free anti virus and etc here


    how ever I would recommend spending 20$ for one year of nod32 antivirus.

    if you like you can have her download it for free for a month and check it out ;) then purchase it ;) if you like it
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