What drivers for radeon graphics, omega or catalyst??

I am using latest omega drivers 3.8.330 and I am getting better performance with them in 3dmark 2003, 2006, prey, carbon..
In 3dmark 2003 I got 6500 score, and with cat 7.1 5700 score, I noticed
that performance in prey (uses open-gl) raises too, and I am using max detail level, res 1024 x 768 with 2 AA and 4 AF and it runs very solid....
Most of time I get over 30 +fps, my rig is XP 2500 (1.83 @ 2.1 ghz), 2x512 mb of kingmaxx performance (on the fsb clock 380 mhz 2-3-3-6) in dual channel mode, and oldy but goody 9800pro. Does anybody have same experiance as me?
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  1. I didn't use any clocking, but I noticed in games, particularly WoW, EQ2 and HL2 my Catalyst drivers had issues.. I use Omega, they're tried and true for me. But remember not every computer is identical, Catalyst may work just peachy for you.
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