Powerline Vs. Wireless?

I've been sticking it out with a Netgear WGR614v6 wireless router for a couple years now, and I finally got sick of it. The wireless range sucks. So, I was looking into getting either a powerline network, or just get a better wireless router, such as the Netgear Rangemax series, or their powerline models.

So my question is, which is better, powerline or wireless?

My current network is set up with a router downstairs connected to the modem, and my computer upstairs connected wirelessly. I want to be able to host game servers, such as Halo, but everyone always complains about warping, mainly because of the instability of a wireless connection.

Here are some powerline adapters and routers that I have been looking at:

Any suggestions?
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  1. bump.... i'd really like a suggestion...
  2. i have recently bought a belkin 200Mb powerline adaptor to test it against my wifi connection, i have to rate the powerline over the wifi, i havent got draft n, but i have used a wifi booster to make sure its the best signal possible, powerline os sooo much fast, no signal loss, it well worth it
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