help with selecting gpu for all around gaming,work,media pc

my dad is letting me build him a pc. i just want to know if i should get him a 8600 or 8800gts 640mb. he wants it to be able to do anything he needs to do. auto cad,light gaming, big high res monitor. so would it be worth it to go el cheapo with the 8600. if there is a better card for the cash please send a link.
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  1. Quote:
    8600 or 8800gts 640mb.

    Either should work fine.

    If you can wait a week or two the amd/ati cards will be out.
    All of them.

    Wait and get the gpu last. read up on how the amd cards do and how the prices are.
  2. The 8800 GTS 320 MB is probably the best bang for the buck.

    The 8800 GTS 640 MB is MUCH better than the 320 MB in some games but identical in others.

    The 8600 is more expensive than it's worth. Get the 8800 GTS 320 MB instead if your budget is in that area.

    I guess it depends on what games your Dad likes. Look at these benchmarks to get a better idea.

    100% agreed with previous poster about waiting for AMD's R600. It may offer you some new and better alternatives or force some price cuts for the 8800 cards.
  3. he's not much of a gamer.but he is a person that thinks if you can't play it on high it's not worth the hassle of installing it.
  4. ow yah and where would be a good place to sell a radeon x1600pro 512mb agp.and a Sapphire x1600xt 256mb 256 gpu at.
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