Why does windows take so long to start?

I just built a bran new computer.

eVGA 680i Mobo
Xtreme OC Corssair Ram 2 GB
2 SLI Geforce 7600 GT OC graphics cards
16MB cache 320GB HD 7200RPM
Intel E6600 Core 2 Duo processor
700w Xtreme Gamer OCZ power supply

I have also installed a fresh copy of windows XP home. I have re-installed it several times to see if that was the issue.

Every time I start the computer everything works fast until it gets to the Windows splash logo loading screen. It sits there for about 45 to 50 seconds every time. I have done some research and one forum said that this may happen because of a missing file or corrupted file in windows and for me to check my Device Manager. I went through all those steps and everything seems to be ok. I have reinstalled many times and it still does this. I am wondering if maybe I am not getting the full performance from my ram and processor. My whole life I have never seen it take this long on that loading screen and now that I have built this better computer it takes a long time. Is this a common issue or is there a simple fix that I can make? I have also messed with and turned off most of the unwanted startup programs in my MSCONFIG.
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  1. Are both cpus seen once the os loads?
    Have you tried a new clean install?
    All drivers installed for chipset, video, sound?
    Anything showing in Device Manager with a red or yellow mark?
  2. Spitfire, you've double-posted this question. You're answer is on the other side - where you've already replied.
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