Gaming Business? Where to start?

Just got a opportunity to install machines in a local store. Great opportunity. Where do I start the learning process?
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  1. Well, let's start with your education.
    How is your understanding of business?

    Have you worked with computer assembly before? Any additional training?
  2. I owned an electric company/burglar alarm... I have worked with computers but, never built one from the ground up... I,m looking to install some 8 liners... As far as undertstanding business thyats what I do best...

  3. I'd suggest just reading alot of how to websites - take your computer apart and put it back together again and generally get to know a motherboard.
  4. Ok, But can you send me in the right direction to purchase a new or used 8 liner in Ms, FL, AL, GA or TN. I cant find anyone within a 300 mile radius that sales any 8 liners. This has proven to be more difficult than I thought...
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