Why does ups suck and what can new egg do

Got 2 day shipping ups screwed up my shipment and only getting case psu and blu ray burner tomorrow on my day off to build. what can new egg do if anything and will ups speed up my shipment or am i screwed to get the rest of the parts
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  1. unless you are in the boonies... even normal ground shipping comes in 2-3 days for me. might still get everything...check the ups delivery schedule.

    if not...probably not much you can do. you can try calling ups or newegg. at most i would expect a refund of the extra money paid for 2nd day over ground from newegg if they made the mistake and shipped it ground not 2 day.
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    Unfortunately not much can be done -- Newegg will normally refund the shipping costs if it was delayed but that doesn't do much about getting the parts to you. Where I live UPS is the worst and everytime I order from Newegg it takes at least a week to get things So I only order parts that I can wait for from them.
  3. Newegg when I first started to use them actually used FedEx and was amazing. But I think because they grew so fast they went with UPS was probably more convent on there part.
  4. not sure if there is anything you can do, besides pay the premium when you order to actually get it shipped via fed-ex

    I live in the middle of las vegas and most of my stuff takes a week or 2 at most
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  6. Never use the eggsave shipping. I ordered a cable and it shipped from edison, nj which is 1 hour from me. The package goes up to Seacus, nj then back 200 miles down to maryland. I'm not sure if it will come today or not USPS does not update their tracking often.
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