My monitor doesn't want to stay on...

I've left the PC hanging in BIOS for now (& no problems with the monitor - so I know it's not that, nor anything too basic like the video card connection or VGA cable) but following my last reboot I can no longer login to Windows (single account, so it automatically logs in) without the monitor turning on & off at apx. 5 second intervals several times before it finally just goes black & stays that way.

I've also noticed that the cursor (which seems to be the only thing I can actively control - I can highlight the X to close Windows Live Messenger, but it won't respond if I click it) gets corrupted from time to time with some red & yellow pixels.

It's a fairly fresh build (last weekend) with an even fresher installation of Windows that I finally got updated & ready to play games last night... =|

I'm assuming it doesn't make any difference, but I had plugged in my joystick the time before I rebooted finally ready to really play a game... >_<

It's a legal copy of Windows XP Home (a 2002 Upgrade edition that was updated through all modern SP2 updates + WMP11 & ASP.NET 2.0) that has been used once before on a previous PC & it hasn't given me any problems over the past week. The last thing I did was use DC++ to transfer my Steam installation files from my old PC to the new one. XP Home isn't network friendly, so I couldn't do it through explorer...

I have absolutely no idea why this is happening, to be honest. I'm not running any anti-virus yet.
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  1. Corrupt video driver would be my choice.

    Run a Repair install to allow XP to renew the graphics.

    You'll have to find a conventional way to get Steam on there.

    Pop in the XP and go to the second screen that offers to repair an existing Windows install. At the first, hit Enter to continue.
  2. I don't know what the hell it was, but when I got home it had fixed itself. It was like it never happened...?_?...

    Oh, and don't worry about the Steam part. I've done it before many times. I download the program from the site, install Half-Life & Half-Life 2 for all the base files on both engines, then I transfer over all extra files from my other HDD; or in this case my other PC.

    I'll definitely make a note of the XP repair thing for any time I have a problem that doesn't go away. And I'll get my anti-virus on here as soon as I'm finished typing. That was scary.
  3. Wouldn't you know it, I finally got to play some GTR2, I started Double Agent today, and I even got Steam setup exactly the way I like it all over again when I rebooted to overclock my CPU (I even got that anti-virus on there yesterday) and wouldn't ya know it, the monitor went out again... >_<

    I'm repairing the installation right now, but I have a question: If this doesn't work (& should I bother updating video drivers at this point? - also how much of Windows won't exist after this?) then what else could it be, and how much should I change again back to the way it was?
  4. Holy ****ing ****, it's doing it DURING THE WINDOWS INSTALLATION!?! O_O


    It seems to have settled down now that I've reached some sort of window, but the resolution seems to be wrong & I can only see a corner... of... *goes to see what happens & finishes post later*

    Well the resolution is still messed up, but the monitor has stopped flickering for now...?_?...

    I'm frichen confused. This is beyond weird. Maybe I should have scanned with AVG after I installed it... >_<
  5. Hell, that repair thing (given my 2002 version of XP) sets me back so far it would have been a lot easier to just reformat.
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