hello, heres some pics of the new r600 card in action. this is ATI's midrange RV630, er, HD 2600 XT has already been acquired, photographed, and slapped into one lucky PC overseas. According to the author, the card sports 256MB of GDDR4 RAM, and even more impressive, doesn't require any sort of external power connector to suck down the respectable 80-watts of power required for usage. It also appears to have a single-slot cooler and a hefty heatsink, not to mention a snazzy flame job.


l8er :)
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  1. I think it looks like a killer mid range card. Low power, reasonably small, etc. This will probably be the next card in my rig.
  2. I was going to get one of those... but I want there top end card (the xtx) not the their midrange card. So I am going to the 8800GTX.

    Other than that, that is a beautiful looking card!
  3. dude this picture has probably been posted on these forums about a hundred times before
  4. but no matter how many times i see this card... it is still beautiful.
  5. if i could just insert my d*** into that slot cooler
  6. yo, nice find. looks gorgeous.
  7. Quote:
    if i could just insert my d*** into that slot cooler

    um... yeah... that d*** better mean disk, and if so... nobody wants to see a 3.5" floppy.
  8. GDDR4? wow that's gotta be great man.
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