How to transfer Firefox2.0 favorites

Hi everybody. I did a search for it but came up with 992 results and none I check seemed to be about my problem, or at least amongst the first 50... :wink:

I'm getting a new computer in less then a month. I know that Windows File transfer wizard doesn't take care of firefox favorites and I forgot how to do it manually.

Anybody has a link or quick explaination to do this? Thanks.
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  1. Go to Manage Bookmarks, File, Export and export to either a flash drive, different partition, or another dirve To import than into the new coputer do the same but click Import
  2. A big thanks. It's gonna save a lot of hassle in a few weeks from now!
  3. Glad it helped, can do the same with the addresses in your address boot. You can also backup Templates if you've created any, but a different process but not difficult
  4. There's also a downloadable extension you can use (it's what I use)

    Bookmark Backup

    Just too add another option :)
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