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Pls suggest me a few computer stores in london and suffolk where I can personally purchase components.
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  1. Go to London and walk the first couple of hundred yards along the west side of Tottenham Court Road, north of the Oxford Street junction. That should fulfil you needs. Can't help you with Suffolk, I'm afraid, apart from suggesting you Google for your local Maplin shop and to suggest you avoid PC World like the plague.

  2. Maplin overpriced out of date stock
    PCworld also known as Currys.... do I even have to say anything?
    Comet ... see above

    Outside london you're basicaly screwed.
  3. Not what you asked but here's my list of online retailers

    Aria PC?
    Overclockers UK
    Misco I need feedback on them... they look good.
    Pixmania Just a gadget store but they have some good memory at good prices, and other stuff.
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