HELP! Toshiba recovery disk needed ASAP for l645d-s4030

This is a random question, and I'm sorry to bother everyone with this, but I have a toshiba l645d-s4030, and I'm looking for anyone else with the same model. I need a new boot disc and you can only get one by making and burning it from the exact same model computer. Toshiba can't send me one for more than a week, and I need it much sooner. Is there anyway you can make one and send it to me asap? I would be happy to pay for it. Let me know if anyone with this computer might be willing to do this.

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  1. have you checked to see if you have a hidden recovery partition? its quite common on laptops

    look here for toshiba method

    if that doesnt work on windows 7 you can also try tapping f8 as it boots up and choose repair option
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