strange problem need help!

So my computer keeps shutting down randomly and im wondering why it is doing this(it also shuts down when im in BIOS) and then i decided to check the temperatures and when i look my CPU(E6600) is AT 90C!

Now i shut down let it cool off and then i start my computer, i go back into BIOS monitor system to look at the temps, it reads now 65C which is still abnormally high, but i keep watching and i notice that the temperature starts rising by 1C slowly upward and wont stop, i watch it go from 65C to 94C before i finally shut it down.

I bought the E6600 from Newegg and have already RMA'd it once because i got Thermal paste on the bottom of the CPU by accident and now i i think i might have to RMA it again but to INTEL Corp.

If there is any solution it will be most welcome......
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  1. Yes, using the Stock Intel HS,

    it appears your right upon returning to problem i noticed one of the pins on the HS was broken so the HS wasn't fully on when pressing down(with my finger on the HS ) i watch the temps fall down to 50C and when i remove the pressure it starts rising again thanks for the help.
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