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Currently I have a home network that is made up of a DSL modem comming into a Belkin 4 port router/switch with wireless G. From the router one port goes to my server computer (running server 2003), another goes to my office computer. I use the wireless for my pocketpc and my modded xbox down stairs. The server computer is used to host a person web page, FTP server, relax server for the xbox, and P2P client as well as a file server for my other computers/xbox. This all works fine, however I would like to upgrade to gig ethernet because I transfer a lot of big files between computers. I have two Ideas on how to do this but would like advice on the best option:
1) Run 1 port out of current router to gig switch and then a line from the switch to each wired computer. With this settup would my wireless computers be able to see the computer attached to the gig switch?
2) Run the DSL directly into the server computer and use it as my router. Connect the wired computers to this one via the gig switch and use the belkin router simply as an access point for the wireless items.

Let me know what you think.
Also I was thinking of moving to linux on the server because it is only a 1gig machine with 512 ram. server 2003 runs slow on it. What do you think?
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  1. The first option is the best and would work, but I am not sure I would recommend Gigabit unless you are loaded with cash. However, I totally recommend Linux, but be warned: I am biased :). I would say that Linux takes some getting used to, but it is fun learning it and sure is great as a server.


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  2. xbox relax server? tell me more.

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