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Recently I’ve come-up with a Security Alert showing the message:

System detected virus activities. These may impact the performance of your computer. Please use antimalware software to cleane and protect your system from parasite programs.
Click this balloon to get all available software.

When I clicked on it a new window opened from showing ANTIVERMINS. Another window poped-up showing that spyware.cyberlog-x has infected my PC.

I’ve already scanned with spybot search and destroy and adware-se programs. Please help me in this regard.
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  1. scan your system with upto date anti virus, in this case an online one to be sure.

    then run spysweeper you can scan for free here
  2. It sounds like you tried running a program that had a Virus attached to it. I got nailed by 'SpySheriff' for running a program from an 'illegitimate' source. What 'SpySheriff' (and it goes by MANY other names too) did sounds exactly like what it going on. You get a pop-up ballon in your system tray telling you to go down this Anti-Virus or Anti-Spyware solution (which all it does is 1. Infect you with more Spyware/Adware and 2. Wants to Force you to buy its product otherwise it will CONSTANTLY nag you or cause your PC to crash until you do).

    Not only did I end up with SpySheriff, but a few other Worms and Trojans got installed as well (those programs decided to hide themselves).

    The first thing I did was go to the Task Manager and started ending processes that I was unfamilar with. One of them stopped the ballon popup. I did a full system scan with:
    1. AVG Free
    2. AVG Anti-Spyware Free
    3. A-Squared Free

    Each program found something the other one missed... I also found that my homepage in IE was switched to load a program off my local C:\ drive instead of my normal home page (I suspect this was to 'reload' some of the crap that was initially on my PC).

    And who knows what other malware, like Rootkits, may have been installed. At the end of the day I decided to delete my Operating System partition and restore an image I had made a month ago just to be on safe side.

    If this is not something you're familar may be better off reformatting your harddrive and starting over. If you don't feel that's necessary I'd highly advise you not to conduct any monetary transactions (i.e. use a credit card) until you're absolutely sure you system is clean....I'd also stay off Ebay or Paypal or you Bank's website until you know for certain you are clean.
  3. I agree with you, but to my knowledge i've not installed any sort of softwares. How can i fix my problem?
  4. well you obviously got something, did you scan with SS?
  5. Are you running XP Service Pack 2 and using Internet Explorer?

    If you're not up to date you could have had something installed by a 'drive by' download. Do you use a firewall?

    You're got something, undoubtedly. What Anti-Virus software have you scanned with? (Spybot and Adware SE are NOT Anti-Virus programs)
  6. I've fixed the problem of ANTIVERMINS. I've installed the SUPER antispyware trial version program. When i scanned the PC using it, i've found about 35 critical objects and removed them. So now i'm not getting the pop-up security alert message.

    As for as the anti virus programs are concerned, i do have AVG . So the problem might be fixed by antispyware program.

    Anyway thanx a lot for your suggestions.
  7. Quote:
    I've installed the SUPER antispyware trial version program.

    What the heck is that? Do you have a link for it?

    EDIT: Looks like it is legitimate:
    The name ('SUPER') just made me think it would be something I'd read about under Wilders Security as a fake program....
  8. SUPERantispyware is a antispyware application which was referred by castlecops. So i tried it and resolved my issue.
  9. ok time out.

    your referred by castlecops is weak since they don't review it themselves the people do and SUPERantispyware has only 2 reviews total.

    in other words castlecop did not recommend nothing to you, 2 people did ;)

    spysweeper is the best, if you gonna spend money be smart and put it in something worth your money.
  10. I'd run a few more Freeware scanners just to be on the safe side. SUPER Antispyware is a relatively unknown application. I'd still suggest running AVG AntiSpyware Free and Emsisoft's A-squared Free.

    Just because you found 'something' doesn't mean you found 'everything'. Certain Keyloggers and Trojans don't cause pop-ups and annoyances...they don't want you to know that they're there....
  11. I've been using the AVG . Recently i've also scanned with Spybot S&D. Even that could not fix it out. The paid ones like spysweeper could fix them.
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