Can't Play Any Video's With X1950 Pro??

Hi, I just built a new PC with an AMD Athlon FX X2 processor. I am using a Sapphire X1950 Pro graphics card (PCI Express), and I am having a issue with playing video files. When I play any type of video file, the audio plays but not the video. If I click on the video display and drag it with the mouse, it will play but as soon as I stop dragging the video it stops, but the audio keeps playing. I am using the ATI Catalyst driver version 7.4 If I play video files with out the display driver installed then the videos will play normally with out dragging, so I think it has to be driver related. I have been trying all kinds of things, and still cant figure it out. It's really driving me nuts. Also, this is a fresh install of windows XP pro, and I only have the ATI drivers, and Net frames v2.0 currently installed. Any help would be great.
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  1. It sounds like a driver issue. I would try using an older Catalyst version to verify. I currently have version 7.2 installed.
  2. Thanks for the quick reply. I think I just figured out the problem, but I don't know how to solve it. I installed older drivers, and tried playing videos again, and still it did not work. So I went to the display troubleshooting settings and started turning down the hardware acceleration, and when I got to half where is says "disable all DirectDraw and Direct3D accelerations", bingo I can now plays videos with the video card drivers installed. So the question is, why must I turn down the hardware acceleration just to play videos?? I have tried the Omega drives with this card too, and it results in the same problem. Do you think the card may be defective.
  3. That's kinda odd.

    Did you uninstall the video drivers before installing Omega or older versions of Catalyst?

    I never any problems like that with my X1900XT.
  4. Sounds like you need the latest DX9 version installed - this will not install automatically on Microsoft Update so you'll have to grab it seperately.
  5. If this is a new build, you might need to download and install a good codec package to make things work right again. Don't quote me on this, but I think K-lite is a good one. For some reason K-lite and Nemo are names running around my head as good codec packages. Do some digging to find out if they even are codec packages however, as I'm not 100% sure and to lazy right now to find out...
  6. Yes you have to tell us what TYPE of video file you are trying to play. A fresh install of windows XP will not play loads of files as you need codecs.

  7. in windows media, in on performance, in there you will find a button saying advanced.

    If you click on that you will come to a page with loads of tick marks all around. One option will be turn on directX video acceleration. If that is ticked...untick it and then see if that works.

    If not then let me know as i had the same issue but solved it from that page alone, at the moment im in university so when i get back home i can give you details of everything i have ticked and unticked.
  8. I am assuming that you also have a seperate audio card (either pci or integrated). ATI installs the ATI unified AVStream driver that (in theory) integrates both sound and video for playback. You might concentrate on your audio card drivers as well (this is also assuming you are not using an ATI AIW). In some rare cases; depending on the type of audio card or audio system you have - the video and audio drivers may not play well together, which in some cases can cause video stuttering, video lockup and off-sync audio. You might try uninstalling both audio and video drivers and reinstalling. I would be curious as to what type of audio card or audio system you have? Keep in mind that even if at an earlier time both audio and video worked well, the installation of new drivers could cause incompatibility. If you opt to uninstall audio and video drivers and do a clean install - I would suggest shutting down all running processes (accept for necessary XP processes) via MSCONFIG, and then do your installation. This may aid in preventing conflicts.
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