CNPS7700, 2.6ghz D805, P5ND2-SLI Deluxe - hot hot?

Hi all.. question for the cooling gurus around here..

Ive just put together a new (to me) box from various friends hand-me-downs and am a little concerned about my temp..

If I'm missing any info, please ask away..

Case: No-name, older, no intake/exhaust fans
PS: OCZ GXS600 600w
Video: EVga 7900 GS KO (x1 for now)
MB: Asus P5ND2-SLI Deluxe
CPU 2.66ghz D805
Cooling: Zalman CNPS7700, no fanmate, straight to MB fan header.

Temps reported by Asus PCProbe II.

Ambient should be around 22-24c.

At idle earlier tonite, case side on, I was idling at around 48-50c.. I then threw Folding@Home on and was running at 60-62C CPU, 38C for MB.

I pulled the side of the case off to see if it would help.. I now seem fairly stable at 58-59C CPU and 37C MB.

My last machines have been various flavours of Athlon XP+'s etc.. so Im not experienced with newer chips.. and havent used Intel in yeeeaaarrs..

Am I in meltdown territory? I thought I read somewhere awhile back that newer IC's do have some builtin throttling protection should they start to go thermonuclear, wrong or right?

Going to shutdown the Folding for now until I get this sorted.. as, admittedly inexperienced, I think this is too high.. suggestions?


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  1. What type and how much thermal paste did you use?
  2. When I received things the HS was already mounted etc.. I checked with the prev owner and he tells me that he used some AS5 .. he's an IT guy by trade and is always buying the next great thing etc.. so, at the moment, Im assuming he's applied things correctly..

    Probably going to put through an order for some case fans tonite and will throw a tube of as5 on there as well..

    What is the typical high temp that people experience on this or similar setups?


  3. Get Arctic Ceramique instead, it works better and is non-conductive. I would recommend re-seating the heatsink.
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