Windows 2000/XP image deployment other than Symantec Ghost

I am trying to find a utility to deploy a standard computer system image that is completely built up & customized. I do not want to use Symantec Ghost due to it's issues & cost factor. Ideally, what I would like to find is an open source utility. I have tried out VMWare Personal Backup Assistant. It has it's own issues that I am ready to give up on it. So far, there are only a few options out there. Another is Acronis TrueImageWorkstation. However, the problem with it is the cost factor.
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  1. true image is the way to go, I have not seen any other way that is as fast and as easy as just clone and go
  2. I am checking out DriveImage XML at this time. Have you had any experience with it?
  3. Have you ever used DriveImage XML or VMWare Personal Backup Appliance? Also, do you know what TrueImage licensing is for bulk licensing? I see on their website that for the business class that it is $79.99 per system imaged. I do not believe that is a cost effective solution. Symantec Ghost is much cheaper per system imaged.
  4. yes I have tested them before and I use vmware virtual machine also, I like TI because it does it easy and it does it good, I have not had the same experience with ghost. the rest is upto you. good luck.
  5. I use Terabyte Unlimited's Image for DOS.

    Setting up the boot disk to image to the network is a little tricky, but once you get that done, it is a snap to image and deploy.

    The cost is much less than any other drive imaging software. They also have utilities to view the image and pull out single files if needed, plus much more.
  6. Have you seen Desktop Authority Image Center ( ?
    We used this tool for creating and deploying to users Vista images.
    Really easy to use utility.
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