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cpu temp question from a noob (have read guide)

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April 23, 2007 10:39:14 AM

Hi all,

Sorry for these noobish questions I recently upgraded my old p4 to a core 2 system current spec is:

Stock HSF
Asus P5B
600w PSU

I bought this in mind to specifically do a little overclocking being very new to this area I rarely do anything inside a computer except to maybe upgrade simms etc.

I'll try to give some background on my issue and raise my questions at the end sorry for the long post :) 

I have read CompuTronixs excellent guide and that cleared up a lot of issues for me but being so new to computer internals not everything made full sense....

Anyway my saga started when the computer arrived and it wouldnt boot I sent it back to the shop and they confirmed the motherboard had shorted out they replaced this and sent it back.

So I boot it up and install my Win XP Pro onto the machine after install I run the asus probe software and it notify's me that I have cpu temperature problems the temperature it was reading was 81c.

When I checked the temperature in the bios it was reading 70c I totally freaked out. At this point I shut down and called the support line of the company I bought the comp off, and they said it might be my hsf and they sent me a new one.

Anyway I opened my computer and saw that the original fan was flapping around and not properly seated seems the 4 hooks only one was connected correctly, I didnt have any thermal grease only found out about this after some research on the net :) 

Anyway I reseated the old hsf and my temperature dropped down to 60-70c so I waited for the new hsf to arrive, and when it did I took the old heatsink off and cleaned the surface of any old grease and applied the thermal paste that came with the heatsink the make was called spiro or something similar.

Anyway I booted my machine and in the bios the temperature read 36c but climbed to about 39c (shows 39 most of the time now) when I booted up and checked asus probe it was showing around 41c which I was quite happy with.

I installed TAT and that shows my idle temperature to be around 39-40 on cpu 0 and 40-41 on cpu 1

Asus probe shows temperature at 44-45c

When I ran the TAT 100% load test it went up to 57c (didnt run it for long)

I play some MMO's and recently I have been playing Vanguard which seems to be quite a resource hog. When I run this up I noticed the temperature starts to increase. I set tat to log to file and played a session I noticed that my temperature was fairly consistent while I was playing between 48c-53c

I guess my my main question is am I still running hot I seem to be on the upper scale of the guide. Do I need to do something about cooling my system since at the current temperature I am concerned of trying to do any overclocking at all.

Should I be relying on my asus temperature which shows that I am running at higher temperature or is TAT sufficent?

Could anyone help out a noob and explain the best way to get an accurate reading of what my system is doing in regards to temperature with software/bios tools i.e. should I be checking the bios temperature should I run speedfan, or another utility over TAT and should my asus utility be showing my temperature higher than TAT according to the guide it should be lower.

Sorry for the long winded essay am a little concerned and would appreciate some guidance from all the guru's ont his forum.

April 23, 2007 10:45:30 AM

Thanks that was a quick response, is there room for me to look at overclocking this then :)  man I hate not being on top of things this is all so new to me.
April 23, 2007 9:13:20 PM

Hi all me again sorry I got home and decided to get some stats to present to you guys:

I downloaded coretemp and speedfan

My Bios is showing my idle temperature at 44-46c (seems to have gone up)
TAT shows cpu 0 as 39-40 and cpu 1 as 38-39 (idle)
At full load on both cpu's for 10minutes the temperature on cpu 0 spiked at 59 and 58 on cpu 1

When I run coretemp it shows

core 0 and core 1 as similar temperatures to TAT but the value that concerned me is that its shows the TJunction as 85C now according to the temperature guide that is way to high I dont understand this figure seems to be static in coretemp was 85c at idle and 85c when I fully loaded both cores.

Speedfan shows at idle
System temp at 28c
cpu temperature at 45c
Core 0 40
Core 1 40

At max load on both cores via TAT (after 5mins)
System temp 28c
Cpu temp 63c
Core 0 58-59c
Core 1 57-58c

I think I might need to invest in some after market cooling but is the temperature this is running at dangerous for my system.

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April 24, 2007 1:18:56 AM

in general: all core 2 duo's will run hotter with a higher multiplier in general at a given speed. these are approximate

with a multiplier of 10-11 you get 40c at idle

with 7 you get 30c at idle

with 8-9 you get 35c or so at idle

typcially at 2.8 ghz max temp on stock Intel HSF is 38-39 in a g0od case

at 3.2-3.4 50-55c

if your much higher did u use artic silver?
April 24, 2007 9:31:07 AM

The system is stock at the moment, I havent done any overclocking I bought the cpu with overclocking in mind (new to this) but initial temperatures seem to high to do any clocking.

I am by no means want to any serious clocking. In order to bring my temperatures down a little I have ordered a arctic cooling freezer 7 pro (easy to install is a must for a newbie like me) and some arctic silver 5 paste to go with it.

I am hoping this will give me an ok drop in temperature.