Cablevision HDTV offerings?

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I have Cablevision cable service in the central NJ area. I was
wondering if anyone has any news on new upcoming HDTV channels.
(DiscoveryHD, WBHD, INHD2, etc.) I would really like to see these
channels as well as others. Not sure if there is any place on the
internet to look up information on these types of things.

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    Jeff, there are currently no announcements of new HDTV programming from

    But here is IMHO bigger news from Cablevision. They are presently
    releasing their PVR receivers.

    Regional news...NYC will soon have it's OTA terrestrial HDTV house in
    order. A combiner will soon be in place at the Empire State Building
    (5-6 weeks) that will finally deliver WNBC, FOX, UPN, WNET and CBS with
    strong signals that shoud meet or exceed what WCBS is providing now.

    Jeff, since you're in central Jersey you may already benefit from a very
    good OTA Phili market.

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