EPoX EP-AD580XR Mobo Issue

Anyone able to get both IDE channels to work?

I can't get them both working. IDE 2 Just doesn't want to work. The second IDE is the jmicron technology?

Also having some issues over clocking my AM2 chip are there any easy to follow guides?

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  1. I've been hearing of Epox NF4, 570 & 590 boards having issues with the SATA and IDE channels. Was the 2nd channel DOA? or did it work at one time? and just out of curiousity, have you updated the bios at all?

    epox usually puts out a solid product & I personally know they have great support. so its possible you may just have a bum channel
  2. First thing I did was update the bios.. and no I haven't been able to get the second IDE channel working as yet.

    From what I am reading it is a jmicron setup and is impossible to get working.

    May have to return the board in that case.

  3. Like i said, they have great support; so explain your problem, you should get an RMA number without issue and a new board soon. sorry to hear

    with that said, what issues were you having with the overclocking portion?
  4. Yeah I will call them tonight and see what they say.

    As for the Overclock I have an Athlon X2 3600.

    Well I am a novice at this as I have never done an overclock before (I was a sheltered child.. ;)...

    Just need some guidance.. I know how to overclock the CPU but how do I get the cpu/memory/fsb all optimized?

  5. overclock depends on the capabilites of these components:

    CPU, mobo, ram, PSU and cooling.

    if your new, the best thing to do it take it easy.

    from the bios, just raise your fsb a bit (5mhz at most per increment)
    then begin stress testing your cpu. I like prime95 myself (blended test)
    you can keep doing this until your test fails or you can't boot into your O/S OR you can't get past the POST screen...etc etc...

    then you have a bunch of options including voltage, lower your multiplier, ram timings..c... which I wouldnt touch without experience.

    Its always best to learn by taking older, more importantly cheaper parts and experimenting.... this way you dont feel to bad when you accidently destroy something :lol:
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