DVD Burning problem with Nero

I googled dvd burning problems + nero and found this forum. I am at wits end trying to get a burned dvd.
I am collecting Tivo recorded programs and sending them to my computer. This works well. I edit the tivo with "VideoRedo Plus". It's a neat editor and I paid for it.
Using Nero express I try to burn but run into failures. It worked a couple of times after I re installed nero.
Now I cant get anthing except "burn failed". It fails during transcoding.
I go nuts trying to read the failure log. Does anyone have an error message translator? My current problem is...."dvd engine VOBS Verify error 0015" which happened three times in a 5 minute span. Then "Source builder failed to build C:\ProgramFiles\Ahead\nerovision\video\black.avi video/0".

Has anyone seen somthing like this?
Hoping to meet you all,
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  1. Shouldn't you be doing that stuff inside of Nero Burning Rom?

    Do you have full version 6?
  2. Maybe Yes. I am new and need some guidance on how to get around this forum. I also have to learn your "buzz words".
    I did look at nero rom but it didnt help.
  3. Is your Nero Program patched (are there any updates available for it from the NERO website)?

    Is it possible your DVD Writer is going?
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