Can I easily return a video card to Newegg based on fan noise?

Hi, I want to get a HD6950 from newegg, but I have a feeling that if I'm not too satisfied with how quiet the video card's fan is, I will want to return it.

If I want to return the card, will I have any problems with Newegg's return experience? In other words, is returning something to newegg a hassle? Thanks.
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  1. video card fans are normally quiet and bearable below 50% fan speed. above this they are louder than typical speaker volume. at 100% they sound like jet engines in your case.

    this is true for pretty much every single video card with an enclosed blower design.

    to get around this either make sure you have good case airflow (120mm fans), good sound dampening in addition to point one or a watercooling loop for the video card.

    knowing this, make your decision accordingly. no i'm not sure how newegg handles "but i didnt like it" returns. probably a restocking fee + shipping back but you need to talk to them about it and not us.
  2. I returned a 6870 xfx single fan version to em, asked for a gift card so I can purchase a better/more expensive one, at first they said I would have to pay shipping + restocking but after I said I wanted to purchase a more expensive card they kinda waived it :/

    not sure why but meh, paying 10 dollar shipping + 15% restocking fee on an almost 200 dollar item really sucks bro
  3. Alright, I see what's up. Thanks : )
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