MYDIGITAL Webcam Driver - The one with 6 LEDs. Help!

I've lost the box and driver for my webcam. I've just reimaged my machine and now want to install it again.
It's a Taiwan model with virtually no identifying marks. After searching the web, I found something on Amazon that looks exactly the same (with six white LED lights, a microphone and a light sensor on the top). See here:

Unfortunately there is no MYDIGITAL webpage, and when I search the driver websites MYDIGITAL comes up blank as well. If anybody knows where I can get this driver, or if you have this webcam yourself, I would be very grateful for your help.

Thank you!
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  1. The software you need is called AMCap and can be downloaded from a few sites, heres one:

    hope that helps, i joined these forums just to answer this post.
  2. Heres the same one with a different name, driver here too:
  3. Hey i downloaded all this stuff on here, plus all the VP-eye junk that came with it. I've uninstalled and reinstalled over and over again (this looks just like the software that came with my cam too) i even uninstalled in the device manager, am i missing something really huge here? I had the cam unplugged when i installed, tried it again plugged. And everytime after it installs windows stupid driver hardware thing pop's up and just says it can't find the software even tho i direct it RIGHT to the driver on my hard drive. Do i HAVE to burn this to CD to get it to work?

    Like wtf is goin' on, i had this cam working for over a year, i lost the CD in a move cuz its so freakin tiny, as well as the fact it doesn't even come in a case, just a tiny slip. But once my computer crashed and i re-did it all it seems like i just can't seem to get this cam to work. THere's definitely power to the usb port cuz the LED lights still light up. Like holy, somebody please help me with this i so cannot afford another webcam right now.
  4. am in the same situation, downloaded everything I can find, used the CD, and still can not get it working, not point sending it back to china as too expensive! so am stuck with what can only be used as a torch!
  5. Many of the 6 LED Webcams use VIMICRO chips. Here is a very handy tool that will not only tell you exactly which chip your webcam has, but will link you directly to the driver download.

    To Install, run the New Hardware Found Wizard, and choose "Select from list", choose the correct directory, and Make a Shortcut somewhere to the included AMCap.exe.

    Here's the link:
  6. I installed a bluetooth usb device and the software that came with it:
    IVT Corporation BlueSoleil
    and a WebCAM:
    WCM-6LNV from Kinamax
    The driver conflict which each other. I removed the BuleSoleil software and the webcam started working.
  7. My friend just fixed mine after i've spent ages searching online, basically download AMCap and even if it's not the right one for your camera go to Help and it should say info on what your cam is or under devices, once you know the name download the correct Driver, you can find out the name by searching for Cam diagnosis, it sorted mine - hope I helped!

  8. try this driver are for 5and 8 MP china camer with 6 leds
  9. i've downloaded the AMCap but what do you do after that.
  10. Necropost!
  11. I downloaded the driver but when I try to start up the webcam it says "Sorry you have no video capture hardware. Video capture will not function properly"
  12. That's cos it's the incorrect driver for the chipset... I had the same problem wheni first got my budget 6 led webcam off of Ebay... Turned out it was a different chipset driver than was actually packaged with the webcam... Handy eh???

    So, i recommend (if you really wanna find out what chipset is inside the camera) to take the 2 screws out of the back of the webcam (whilst unplugged obviously) and read any codes/text that maybe on the big chip in the middle or the numbers printed on the printed circuit board.

    Turned out mine was a PAC7302, which with a small look on Google, i found the appropriate drivers which work a dream.

    This method is the least time consuming in the long-run, as my friend bought the same camera at the same time (from the same supplier) and it turned out to be a different chipset (a ZS211)

    Seems that even the sellers are not aware of what chipset they are sending out to people, so best save yourself from banging your head against the screen looking for the right driver, by simply undoing 2 little screws... ;)
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