Cant delete cookies in IE 7....

Hi, i need your help for a little problem. Since i have install IE 7, i do not have acces to the "delete cookies" button in the "internet options" panel. Also, i cant manually delete cookies.

I have try to fix it by activating the "ignore automatic cookies gestion" in the confidentiality panel but to no use.

I'm using AVG free and even when i remove it, i still cant have acces to "delete cookies".

Thx for the help
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  1. you sure you cant go to C:\Documents and Settings\<your username>\Cookies and delete them in there?

    My other suggestion, use Firefox internet browser :D, its awesome cause u can customise it, and way more secure then what any microsoft copys of other internet browsers will ensure you.
  2. I cant even see the cookies when a go in the "C:\Documents and Settings\<your username>\Cookies" folder.

    Furthermore, i have check in one other pc with IE 7 and this one to dont have acces to the "delete cookies" button.

    Rigth now, there is no way for me to delete selected cookies, all i can do is delete all of them or do nothing.
  3. So you just want to delete a few selected cookies...well im not too sure about this then, but why don't you just delete all of them then? Cookies are just text files from websites that you've been to, to tell them who you are and stuff, i mean they aren't that important.
  4. I'm curious--could this be from a user with limited access (not an administrator account) trying to hide their browsing history by only selectively deleting cookies?
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