DVD RW Tray stuck

hi guys, first post! shame its on such a negative subject :(

i am currently trying to repair a DVD rewriter i have aquired from a family member. It seems that in a temper he managed to snap the disc tray in two. now, for some reason doing this has left the disc tray unable to open or close. atm its stuck open and when i push the eject button it tries to close but the spindle head moves up before the tray has passed it and gets jammed on the rear of the tray. i think it has something to do with the timing, but i am unsure how to adjust it (if possible).

any help would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. buy a new one...
    they are cheep enough...
  2. you might have to completely open up the drive.
    the tray is moved in by a motor which contacts teeth built into the edge of the tray through teethed gears.
    you'll need to force the tray in physically ignoring the gnashing teeth till it reaches the right position.
    it worked for me with a very old stuck CD writer.
    all the best.
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